Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So much to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is just wrapping up, and now I am counting down the days until christmas, moving south, and the start of show season! This time of year I am always reminded of how much I have to be thankful for.

My dad for being supportive, even though he still wishes I would finish school and get a real job! It means the world to me that he was able to see me at the Training 3day, all smiles at the finish, but mostly because of the hug, him walking my horse in the D box, and letting me know he was just as nervous at the start of A as I was. The rest of my family, for everything. They constantly remind me that I am so blessed.

Thankful that I get to ride horses everyday, even the ones that aren't always fun. They have all taught me something, made me stronger, more confident, ready to face my next challenge. My friends, who have pushed me, answered my panicking phone calls, celebrated my victories, as well as my defeats, and through the whole thing kept me being positive, keeping me on my journey. To the people who have helped me with my riding, I have grown so much this year because of all of you. I learned how to gallop, how to fly, and how to make my horse dance. To everyone that has had some impact on my life this year big or small, thank you! I am looking forward to the next year, and the journey that brings.

Which reminds me, I haven't announced my winter plans. I am headed to Georgia on the 6th, to spend 3 weeks with my family, and my ponies. Then I am off to Ocala until the fork HT in April! I could not be more excited, I am looking at events to enter, and have some new goals for myself.

I hope that everyone enjoyed way to much turkey, some eggnog, and lots of time with family and friends...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What happened to summer?

Well the show season is finally all wrapped up, and I must say it went off with a bang! I was not super excited about the snow at va horse trials, however they handled it well. Even after my slight panic about moving the intermediate xc which ended up being perfect, since at 8am Saturday Laura may or may not have had a phone call saying we should pack up since it was snowing in October. Honestly it was just wrong.

The next weekend was a blast, tailgating at rubicon, where I may or may not have been caught in the act! And then finally the final event of the season at Kelly's Ford. It was fun to be apart of there first ever event, and I'm always excited about new venues.

The highlight of all of this for me was my first experience fox hunting.  What a blast! After 5 hours out in the field, first field no less, I was excited to be at the potluck. I am now trying to convince pat to let me ride in a point to point this spring. I mean I can gallop in company now right? I'll keep everyone posted as to how that one pans out. No promises or anything...

Lena is fresh off her 3 week vacation and has started hacking (i almost forgot how much I love riding her... Almost) North is looking forward to the start of his eventing career, and Ned is starting his new post wannabe race (pony) career, with lots of hacking, some trotting and lots of cookies (he's perfect after all)

We are starting to get organized as the great migration is happening much earlier this year! Lena, North, and I will be headed down to ga to spend some time with my family.. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reality check...

This past weekend was the t3day at waredaca! This show has been a goal of mine since I first heard they were offering a long format at training. I first made this a goal with red, and then a whole slew of others... Last year I jokingly nicknamed myself the novice champion, I had been there done that on a bunch of horses, and then for one reason or another training didn't happen. I was starting to think it might not! But then this spring a bunch of things happened, I started a whole new program, and with that I have been lucky enough to expand my string. 

When I bought lena I was all about getting to waredaca, I had a bit of tunnel vision. Then it came down to I realistically had time to run 4 trainings, exactly the number I needed to qualify. So no pressure or anything! We managed.

I left for fairhill and honestly didn't believe that once I got back it would be time for me to do my first three day as a rider! And then I started getting nervous, the kind of maybe I'm not ready for this, I haven't ridden in a week! Eeekk. luckily I have some awesome friends and a lesson with Mara to remind me I was more than prepared!

I arrived at waredaca with lena on wednesday, she was all business at the jogs, and she looked sharp! After being accepted, I had my first look at the course, it looked really doable, and I was thankful that Stephen was there to give us all his input on the course! I got lena settled in at turnabout farm (our home away from home for the week!) and passed out early, dreaming of perfect circles!

Thursday was dressage, and lena was as perfect as she could have been. Again we recieved a few 8s from both judges, but I gave away some points for not being acurate in the walk work.  Overall I was so pleased with how far she has come, we scored a 37.9. Not our best score, but I felt it was our best test, and certainly the hardest! Lena and I hacked roads and tracks, and after getting lost once or twice I figured it out! We skipped out on steeplechase practice, because I don't need to practice going fast so to speak....

That night my dad came up from ga to watch xc, and I was super excited to see him.  He hasn't seen me ride xc in years, when I was still convinced that everything happened slow! Emphasis on slow there..... So Friday I woke up feeling totally ill, we picked up lena and headed over to run around the course one last time and then get ready. At 1043 we headed out on phase A, she trotted along, but was certainly paying attention to the horses on xc, she wanted to be one of them! When we reached the end of a, I had time to watch the rider in front of me finish steeplechase, and I guess lena was watching too because when the starter said go, she was off like a rocket! We had a blast, I think I had the biggest grin, and she did too! I pulled up, colleen checked my shoes, and on with phase c we went.  I let her walk quite a bit, and we made it to the 10 minute box, I can't even describe what it felt like to ride into it, normally I'm grabbing the horse, and sponging. The hardest part for me was sitting there, but colleen was amazing! She had everyone doing their job, and made sure I had time to go over my course before getting back on.  Lena was not at all phased, and heading out to the start of d, I could literally feel lena grow.  She is such a jumping machine!

She ate up the course.  I was a bit worried about the second combination, a drop 3 strides to a skinny.  I shouldn't have been the second she saw it she locked on, jumped quiet of the bank and 3 perfect strides out. Love her! She answered all the questions, and was really adjustable between the fences! When we got back to the vet box I was over the moon, I'm quiet positive my feet didn't touch the ground for hours after! Colleen and crew took great care of lena, and we were out of there in 10mins.  My dad was so cute, in typical fashion, finally you learned how to gallop! (atleast someone noticed). My dad sadly had to head home, but I felt blessed that he could come for part of it.

Sunday morning came way to early! (they always do!) Lena looked like a million bucks, and passed the jog easily. I was lucky enough to be in the 2nd division, so I got dressed, and watched a few rides before getting on.  I don't think I realized how nervous I was until I got on, show jumping has been hard for me, I don't trust myself enough and always seem to be making a change 3 strides out. Lena felt great in warmup and jumped around like a champion! I only made one bad choice, I moved up to a flyer, always wrong, but she sorted it out.  We finished on our dressage score in 5th place, and won the award for best turned out!

I just want to say thanks to Mara for all of her help and support, jenn and allegra for riding lena while I'm gone, Colleen and her family for letting me stay at there beautiful farm and putting up with me in the vet box (that deserves a gold star on its own), my dad for coming and supporting me, my friends for all the good luck wishes and reminding me to breathe, and  everyone involved with the training three day it was such an amazing experience!

Monday morning was back to the routine, up way to early, do the barn and then head off to gallop. It was the fastest trip back to reality, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Lena is on a vacation, and I am headed off to the va horse trials!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We're here! Fair hill that is...

I arrived on Tuesday with Sarah, and her 2 ponies.  We had a lovely trip up, catching up, talking about winter plans, and predicting fair hill results! We settled in the ponies and made it out before the mad dash of late afternoon arrivals started.

Laura arrived Wednesday morning, and after round 2 of unpacking, the riding began, and then the washing, braiding, etc. It seemed as if the jog snuck up! But all 3 of the boys were passed. The word accepted never sounded as good!

The 2 3star boys did dressage today, and as per usual at fair hill, there was some rain involved! However that didn't stop us. Everyone had there first walk around the lovely xc courses, tatton has dressage tomorrow, and the 2 big guys have a light day planned.

I'll try to keep everyone updated, and hopefully I don't get stuck in the mud!

Before I run off to bed, I want to thank Mary for the amazing job she does at fair hill! She is wonderful, and I for one am thankful for the job she does!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Maryland horse trials was my last qualifying run for the 3day at waredaca, and the pressure was on to make it happen.  Let me go back a second... When I bought lena, we mapped out a plan to make it to waredaca since my qualifications had expired.  The plan however changed rather rapidly as it was clear with my busy grooming schedule that getting lena back in shape was not happening.

So we waited and kept revising and then it ended up being only 5 horse shows. We ran one novice and I waited to see how it went before getting excited about the t3d.  We spent the whole show season taking it week to week, and evaluating if it was still in the cards. After Maryland I can confidently say its on the horizon, but I won't get too excited until I'm there. It is horses after all!

So Maryland was an okay weekend, lena was such a star! Me not so much. I memorized the wrong dressage test, managed to make it through the test with 2 errors, and a few 4s for not getting some of the transitions exactly right.  After all that I still managed to pull out a 41 something. Which kills me, because she should have rocked it. We certainly won warm up. I tried to relax but really the longer I sat there the more upset I was at myself.  I tried talking myself down to no avail, but forward progress had to happen eventually.  Show jumping was not quite our best, as I got a bit to forward to the last 2, but she put in a double clear, she always puts a smile on my face. 

The course was the perfect last run, it had great questions, and lots of terrain.  Lena ate it up.  She is so light and quick across the ground.  We had a fabulous go through the first water, and at the ditch and brush, which I was super worried about! The 2nd half of the course I decided to take it quite slow and just sort of coast, since I had breezed that morning and my pace was a bit off! I was also still wound up about the dressage, so I used it to take a deep breath and relax! She was great, I saw all the distances, and could not feel more prepared.  I brought north along to hang out, and ride around.  He was awesome, doing flat work, hanging out, and stopping to chat! I can't believe how grown up he is, and am excited to see what he's capable of!

This week is fair hill, where I will be grooming 3, and lena will be enjoying a quiet week.  I promise lots of updates, and I really might have a problem with owning red heads...with white faces :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Middleburg. Morven. Monday....O my!

Lena has been out and about rocking it at training. literally, the ribbons just keep on coming. I headed out to Middleburg, and was excited to be working out of my own rig, and to show off those circles we had been practicing with Mara. Lena did not disappoint, scoring a 34, I still gave away a few points in the lengthening, but I am really figuring her out. Mara came out to walk the courses with me that afternoon, and I was excited to have a plan. Mara gave me plenty to think about. The SJ was on the side of a hill in a narrow space, and it is very easy to find yourself pulling to find a distance., so in warm up I focused on getting her forward and soft to the jumps. She went in and posted a lovely clear round! I was pumped for xc, with the terrain it was going to be a perfect fitness run to get ready for the T3D. She was a star! She loves XC, comes out and wants to jump between the flags. I literally show her the jump and she's on it. I could go on for hours, but that would be a bit boring! She finished 6th, and after a little vacation it was time to start prepping for Morven.

We decided that since I was running 3 weekends in a row, it would be best to jump Lena once on Wednesday's, and to jump as little as possible. Lena doesn't need to practice, but I do! I had a fantastic lesson with Mara, really working on the quality of canter and what type I need to different jumps. We ended jumping some skinnies and a corner. Lena was awesome, Mara still laughs as I look like I might cry when she puts the jumps up! I should know better than to worry, Lena never bats an eye, and I always have a huge smile on my face after. Thursday and Friday Lena practiced circles, and I was excited for Morven.

Morven was awesome! I was grooming for Laura Vello, and her awesome ponies, and riding. Saturday was a bit hectic, but it ended up being easier than expected. It was only misting when I went to get on for dressage, and a few minutes before I went in, the skies opened up, and well I bet you can see where this is going..... Lena was pretty offended, she just wanted to get it over with and go back (not that I didn't feel the same way! I was soaked and freezing.) She was very obedient but just a bit tense, not that I can blame her! The judge blew the whistle in the middle of the test, but it was a total misunderstanding, she had looked at the test wrong. so I'm not going to lie, after that I got flustered to, so while we had some 8's, I gave away alot of points, silly rain, judge blowing whistle. I was highly disappointed with myself, but had no time to dwell because I had to get Laura on, and then tack up to jump. At this point I was cold, wet, and miserable, and it was still raining sideways, and if I didn't need this run to finish qualifying I would have scratched. Mara came down and helped me warm up for SJ, which was extremely helpful, as my legs were having a bit of a problem working!! Lena was a star, I made one mistake going into the second double, Lena sorted it out for me, (lots of cookies for Lena). I think I deserved to have the pole down, but Lena hates to touch them. When I got down to XC I was the first training horse, I don't like being first! I had a few questions about how things would ride, but no time to stress. Lena came out of the box on fire!! Ears pricked, and waiting for me to show her the way! The course rode great! I was glad I ran as the course had some pretty tough questions, and Lena didn't bat an eye. Every time she runs I gain a massive amount of confidence. She finished 4th, in a pretty competitive open division! (Check out the Eventing Nation Training level video to see Lena at the first 2 jumps.... kindly ignore me apologizing to my horse for taking the move up distance to 2!) Sunday was still cold, but not as rainy, Lena enjoyed the day off, and Laura's ponies enjoyed a nice canter around the XC.

Now it's monday morning, still cold and rainy. The furnace is broken at my apartment, and all the girls were a bit wild this morning jogging in the rain. (Luckily I managed to stay on top, it was a bit hairy there for a bit!) Next Lena is off to Maryland and I could not be more excited!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ups and downs.

The past 2 weeks have gone by in seemingly about 5 seconds. First I was excited to get back to my ponies, which leads me to the up! I have an exciting new member to my team, his name is Ned and I got him off the track from the barn I gallop for. I like to think he picked me, I was totally in love from the first day I started there. Couldn't ride him at first, but once I did I rode him up until his race, which he showed no talent for, and the rest is well history. Ned has been living out and my plan is to start him back hacking after the end of show season.

September is always a bit of a rocky month for me, I lost my mom 12 years ago. Not a day passes that I am not reminded of how lucky and blessed I was to know her. If even for a short time. She inspires me to this day, and I could not be more grateful for that, and I know that somewhere she's watching over me (and has saved me more than once!) 

This weekend lena is off to middleburg to run the training, and hopefully its not a total mud pit!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seneca wrap up

I'm lucky enough to be headed home from a great weekend at the aecs, with some amazing horses, people, and new stuff... But let's not get ahead of our selves here. First I was off to richland park for a very successful weekend! The courses are amazing the footing was perfect and the competition was fierce.

After a whirl wind trip home, I was excited and nervous to be able to say that lena and I were entered to run training at seneca. One last tune up with Mara and off we went. I had an awesome test, I still need to work on a few things as lena does move a bit like a pony, (a very cute one at that!) And I had a blonde rider error, so I didn't feel so bad about my 38. I know that she is capable of lower and that her scores will only continue to improve. On to the fun stuff! I walked the courses and thought some of it looked pretty tricky, I shouldn't have been concerned. Little lena was foot perfect jumping double clear stadium, and xc. She is absolutly amazing to ride to the jumps, and I think I might need to work on my pace some, simply because of galloping even training speed feels slow! O well.

The AECs were next, and I must say that the footing was better than last year, the xc courses at the upper levels were still quite soft. I was happy about the footing! Loved the trade fair, and thought it was a great event (the entry fees were a bit crazy!) But I plan on riding next year, not just working. It was great to see old friends, and my dad!

Next I'm off to plantation, and lena is entered at middleburg and Maryland. With plans of making it to the training three day. Until then I have a few more exciting things in the works, and some awesome horses to ride (and gallop!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knocking off the dust...

Both literally and figuratively. The past two months have been a blast! When I haven't been traveling....bromont, Stuart, millbrook, surefire, south farms...I have been home exercising race horses and focusing on my ponies. (dont forget about truck shopping!) Found a sweet f250 that will be getting a hitch put in this week. Then LN eventing will be mobile! Watch out world.

Lena and I had a great first run together in the novice at waredaca. (We both hadn't been out in a yearish...) that didn't slow us down. I gave away a few points in the dressage, but I was very pleased with the test. Mara was there and it was extremely helpful to have her watchful eyes, and guidance (lena and I got some serious homework!) Then a quick change and off to show jumping, lena was a total star! It was as if neither of us had missed a beat. Whew double clear. Then off to xc. She walked down to the warm up and I think got about 5inches taller, she just took it all in stood patiently and was very happy to take the oxer out of a forward step, and go to the box.  I can say this with extreme confidence now, hands down lena is an xc machine, she didn't bat an eye at anything, got all the horse strides. We had an absolute blast! I did get a small speeding ticket for being 2seconds fast...whoops. I think my pace is a bit off these days. She finished 8th in a competitive division, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Lena is enjoying an easy week of hacking and working on that dressage homework.  next I'm off to richland and lena is headed to seneca.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I have spent most of my life flying under the radar, most people don't know this, but deep down I am pretty shy. So
this whole process of starting out on my own, has been eye opening, to say the least. I have been very lucky to have the support that I do, and people that have helped me spread the word, so far, so good!!!

Where to start, I have been to Jersey and the VA CCI* grooming (congrats to Laura Vello on her 3rd place finish at VA!!) , It was a blast! I feel as though all I have done is dump the clothes in the wash and put them directly back in the suitcase. (people might be starting to think I only own 5 shirts... ) The spring season is winding down, and I have 2 more trips planned, before a small much need vacation to cali! (heres to hoping the snow melts...) and then the planning for the fall...

Class is in full swing, depending on how you look at it I am either 1/3 or 1/2 way done! I will be glad to finish up with school this fall. While it has taken me seemingly forever, (trust me I agree!!!) school has not been my main focus for a while (silly horses), and taking a year and a half off just added to the seemingly never happening graduation, but no fear it is in my sights, and I am crossing the t's and dotting the i's on my last classes, with the hopes of continuing on after Dec... The back up plan is a Masters in Econ. (and it never hurts to get a head start!) plus. hands down I can cook better than you. (not to brag or anything). so maybe that degree has a few perks too!

The ponies have been settling in, and we have been figuring each other out. alot. Mara has been very helpful with North, he is becoming quite the little DQ, and will be doing some local shows this summer, and some HT's this fall. Lena and I are learning. It has been a while since I have had a horse that was started by someone else, so I ask things she says WHAT YOU SAY?!??!?! but those moments are getting smaller and fewer and further between. She is aimed at Surefire and then possibly MD I. and dare I say the training three day at Waredaca this fall. (there I said it). The ponies and I are looking forward to more lessons! I'm thinking circles, they are thinking jumping. (so we shall have to see who wins that one. )

The days are getting busier, longer, and increasingly more humid, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, May 6, 2011

someone pinch me...

The past few weeks have been crazy. If you asked me 3 weeks ago, where I would be now, It would be moved in, unpacked and settled, with a few more purchases.. to name a few. Life has a way of not being exactly how you plan it, but sometimes thats almost sweeter. Instead I have been looking at too many places to live, most of which were rejected upon walking through the door... sometimes just opening it... getting moved to the awesome apt I did finally find! trying horses, buying a horse (more on that later), driving to raleigh, driving back, taking finals, enrolling in and testing into summer classes(apparently they don't like my culinary school credits...), truck shopping, spending lots of time with great friends, and running into a million and one different people...

At the end of the day while I wish the list was finished, it isn't, but it will be. I have been very lucky, North is in a week of boot camp with Mara, (I felt like a parent sending her kid to school... so nervous!) I have never put a horse in training before, but I felt that with the move and everything that this would be the perfect time to send him. I wanted to make sure I was heading down the right path with him, as he is not my type of horse so to speak. I adore him to pieces but sometimes feel like we are on the opposite pages when it comes to work. He tries his heart out for me, but sometimes I don't think I am asking the right questions! Mara has been amazing, I ask a million questions, and attempt to watch her ride everyday, she is such an amazing rider (I feel inspired just watching her), and totally willing to answer all of my million questions. I am very excited to have him back in a few days and I can't wait to have her continued help in the future!

and Lady in Red aka Lena arrived sometime in the middle of the night wed. She is awesome!!! I think it was love at first sight for me.. something about the red with the white face. She has been settling in and I am busy trying to pencil in some shows this spring... and a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped me find her, and get her here!!!

I have my last final tomorrow, one truck to look at, horses to ride, a barn to finish organizing, and the rest of my stuff to move down from annapolis....

then the list looks just about finished. <3.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to the Burg.

So everyone has been asking what I am doing, when I got back to the burg, etc etc etc... mostly shocked and surprised. I feel after having some time to get it all straight it is time to share the big news!!!

I am moving back to Middleburg, VA. (one of my favorite places, with some of my favorite people!) I will be starting my own free lance grooming business, focusing on North, and hopefully one other horse. (still haven't met the perfect one yet!), and finishing up school. This has been something that I have tossed around for a long time, and I felt as though this would be the best time to dive in and give it a go!

I have just put the finishing touches on my website. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think, and if you know of anyone that needs help at an event, send them my way!

I will keep everyone updated as I venture out on this new journey!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aiken recap...

After being home in Maryland for a day, and attempting to catch up on laundry, school, and the like. I guess it is time to fill everyone in on the last two months of life in the south. I will try to keep it short!

Most of you may wonder how many blondes you can have in a barn... i think 4 might be the max. thankfully between all of us, we did not fall victim to too many blonde moments....

North has grown up leaps and bounds. I am very excited about his future! My dad had the opportunity to come see him and informed me that 'I was not allowed to sell a horse that jumped like that.' sadly that doesn't mean he is paying the bills. I did try though! North will hopefully be making his competition debut soon. I need to get him out xc schooling before I make plans for that. He did hang out at the fork, and took it all in like a seasoned pro! I was able to get the same rideability in the ring as I could back in Aiken.

All the other ponies were stars, Morris made his big advanced debut in the states, and smarty has been out and about. (and body clipped.. much to his dismay.) Smarty and Morris are headed to Fair hill in 2 weeks, after some circle practice at Morven Park this weekend. The young horses all made a big splash at Full Gallop with Buttons and Splash having stellar rounds!!! Splash even came home with a pretty blue ribbon, not bad for her first event...

The other ponies went on a ton of field trips. and are all looking forward to starting their spring season shortly!

On the other hand I had some interesting experiences as I learned more about how to fix cars... and that doxy is by far the harshest antibiotic around. I now have a healthy amount of respect for my horses when they are on it! It was all I could do to be at work and function (difficult things I know!)... and finally that pro thing at the fork.. all I am willing to say is that a shred of dignity may have been lost there...

The exciting news is that I am almost done with school.. Finally. 7 more classes. and that I will hopefully be adding to the string soon. (not that it is to hard because I only have 1! )

I swear that I will get better at updating and possibly find a hobby... (besides horses? I am open to suggestions here)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

North goes South....

and so does the whole BCE team..

North and I are happy to report that the days are much warmer now!

I would like to start this post out by saying thank you!!!!!! to many of you. I certainly had a whirlwind preAiken week and so many people showed up to help me move trunks grain hay and ponies... in a few inches of snow no less! Team BCE pulled out of Kaleidescape in Maryland at 430 on the 31 and arrived in Aiken a few hrs later... ie 3 pm. BCE south is beautiful!!! all of our ponies settled in beautifully. The afternoon (as with every migration) was filled with unpacking and arranging.

This winter is my first winter with BCE and we are sharing a barn with Holly Payne and her crew! and let me be the first to say.. WOW!!! love it. we have an amazing group of people, that make coming to work every day fun. (seriously just ask the ponies they love our morning karaoke practice! )

For the past almost 2 weeks, the ponies have been enjoying the warm temps. 50's during the day! and a few less blankets. The dressage arena and jumps have been set up, and all the ponies have been hard at work getting ready for where their springs are heading. Morris has been practicing his dressage skills, and even a xc school at the GIBBS (love that place!) getting ready for his spring debut at pine top this weekend! Morris certainly makes my days. over the past few months morris and I have formed a pretty awesome relationship. He likes to tell me that it is perfectly okay that he is covered from head to toe with mud and the like, while I feel the need to constantly bathe him. He goes along with only minimal winning and the promise to repeat the ritual tomorrow. Morris is also a HAM! he loves getting his ears rubbed which happens more often then I would care to admit. (he might have conned me into it :). ) Cocoa is enjoying the warm sun, her new friend, and learning to be an event pony! she is adorable. and a pretty fancy mover and jumper! North is very excited to be out of the indoor. He has been enjoying doing some trot sets and hacking, as well flat work. I am trying to mix it up as we have been in the indoor for so long. He will start jumping again in the next few days, I have just been trying to enjoy not being in an indoor and just have some fun with the nice weather!!! I am very excited to see what he can do this winter.

Besides horses I have been lucky to catch up with some of my really good friends! (one of the may things I love about Aiken!!)

More soon. (after pine top of course!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mud season...

This winter has been a strange one as far as mother nature is concerned. I have come to expect slipping and sliding into my drive way at night. On certain nights not being able to even make it up the road I live on. All of these things plus a below average temperature have made me realize that I love under armour, neck warmers, and toboggans... (proper clothing is essential for survival). so imagine my surprise when I checked the not always so smart, smart phone this morning and saw a high of 45*... Steamy I know. I was so excited to hear about something above 30. that I didn't think about all the rain/snow/sleet we have had around here. Needless to say I looked like a swamp creature post barn today, but I only had to wear a fleece!!! (so while I will not complain to much about the mud.. my apt would appreciate it if it weren't so muddy out!) so on to those ponies!

Mr. North just gets better every day! The left lead is not just something I dream about these days! Due to the non frozen ground situation. the horses even got to leave the indoor! (positively earth shattering.) Morris is looking FANTASTIC post holiday, and is so excited to get to run XC soon. He even started counting down the days until Pine Top. (Check out Mr. M's spring plan, we hope to see you there!)The ponies are all in the process of being primped for their trips down south. I think they are tired of seeing me with a pulling comb, or clippers in hand. (alas this is not something that they will stop seeing anytime soon!)

As with all thing migratory. The making of lists. packing. organizing. moving. shopping. lists. have all began at BCE and for me. I am getting almost freakishly good at packing my stuff, and all the horses. plus there stuff... during my last few free days here I have been exploring DC. enjoy the pics of something not horse related!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New year. new you? maybe.

I have been telling everyone. It's a new yr. you get to be a new you! I actually had very few resolutions this year. Come December I will share, for now I am going to make them a part of my everyday life, I even stuck to a few small things... well enough with new years resolutions.. on to exciting things.. like AIKEN!!! (and no I have not been counting down days or anything. it's 15 in case you were wondering)

With every winter comes many hours in the indoor, and then the packing, and then the migration. This year we have spent a large amount of time inside thanks to the snow, I am excited to get to Aiken and start up the spring show season. We have Morris entered at Pine Top II in Feb at Intermediate for his first run back. We are bringing 7 horses down with us. I for one am very excited to get to show North around down there. (and get him out of the indoor!) Which reminds me Mr. North is learning how to jump! I am extremely excited about the progress he has made in the 2 months I have had him. He is getting consitenet on the flat, he has even decided that he remembered how to canter on the left lead. Now he is trotting jumps. Baby horses are rewarding, now he can even trot 2 in a row. He will get to start going out schooling in Aiken and I hope to take him to some derbys and small shows.

While we have been stuck in the indoor we have been doing lots of jumping exercises to keep all the horses sharp! Baby Fred has been very entertaining in the snow. he loves eating it almost as much as he loves rolling in it. Mr. M even got to start jumping again. He wanted me to tell everyone that he would really just like to jump EVERY DAY! I told him that the circles were necessary. poor morris...

We have gotten a few new horses in for sale at Blue Clover Eventing. one is a young OTTB that I totally adore! If I had time for 2 I would grab him in a second. so check him out. We also have an adorable pony named giggles. She gets all the cute points and I even threatened North that he would be traded in (but then he magically remembered about that left lead!)

One thing I do promise to do this year is update more frequently and include pictures. and sometimes video.

Hopefully I will be seeing you down south. with a few less jackets on.