Thursday, February 10, 2011

North goes South....

and so does the whole BCE team..

North and I are happy to report that the days are much warmer now!

I would like to start this post out by saying thank you!!!!!! to many of you. I certainly had a whirlwind preAiken week and so many people showed up to help me move trunks grain hay and ponies... in a few inches of snow no less! Team BCE pulled out of Kaleidescape in Maryland at 430 on the 31 and arrived in Aiken a few hrs later... ie 3 pm. BCE south is beautiful!!! all of our ponies settled in beautifully. The afternoon (as with every migration) was filled with unpacking and arranging.

This winter is my first winter with BCE and we are sharing a barn with Holly Payne and her crew! and let me be the first to say.. WOW!!! love it. we have an amazing group of people, that make coming to work every day fun. (seriously just ask the ponies they love our morning karaoke practice! )

For the past almost 2 weeks, the ponies have been enjoying the warm temps. 50's during the day! and a few less blankets. The dressage arena and jumps have been set up, and all the ponies have been hard at work getting ready for where their springs are heading. Morris has been practicing his dressage skills, and even a xc school at the GIBBS (love that place!) getting ready for his spring debut at pine top this weekend! Morris certainly makes my days. over the past few months morris and I have formed a pretty awesome relationship. He likes to tell me that it is perfectly okay that he is covered from head to toe with mud and the like, while I feel the need to constantly bathe him. He goes along with only minimal winning and the promise to repeat the ritual tomorrow. Morris is also a HAM! he loves getting his ears rubbed which happens more often then I would care to admit. (he might have conned me into it :). ) Cocoa is enjoying the warm sun, her new friend, and learning to be an event pony! she is adorable. and a pretty fancy mover and jumper! North is very excited to be out of the indoor. He has been enjoying doing some trot sets and hacking, as well flat work. I am trying to mix it up as we have been in the indoor for so long. He will start jumping again in the next few days, I have just been trying to enjoy not being in an indoor and just have some fun with the nice weather!!! I am very excited to see what he can do this winter.

Besides horses I have been lucky to catch up with some of my really good friends! (one of the may things I love about Aiken!!)

More soon. (after pine top of course!)