Tuesday, January 26, 2010

let the gallops begin!

So as I sit down to write this. the only word that comes to my mind is really???? Keep reading. I promise you will get it! 

I started the day discovering a text from Kate explaining that my dog had attempted to escape the apartment in Va and had damaged a door. This is very unlike my dog in many ways, however she use to be able to let herself out of the apt, but then the door was fixed. So I believe that this will be a one time thing. well at least my bank account hopes so!!! After getting to the barn to find all the ponies anxiously awaiting breakfast, I found out we had extra time.  That was exciting, so I took a deep breath and chilled out. (hearing about little A had me pretty wound up! shocking I know). So off we went to Lauren's.  After we finished there Jenn asked me if I would join her and Mara galloping.  and of course I said yes!!! When I arrived I found out we were galloping on a steeple chase track. What is every eventers dream.... Galloping on a beautifully manicured track!!! (Ill check that off my list) So off we went. Phillip, Mara, Jenn, and I.  I rode JB, who is totally perfect in every way... seriously! Riding JB helped calm my nerves....(Hello.. PD???Mara??? and Jenn yikes!!!)We started off at the trot together and spacing out for our gallops.  Jenn and I stayed together.  After our first set, where I made a comment about how much fun JB must be XC. I mean man that horse has an amazing gallop! we headed off again.  About 3/4 of the way through. We got passed and JB lit up! I almost got left in the dust. (not sure if that's what it looked like!!) anyways off JB and I went. it took some doing but we got stopped and started our hacking.  Phillip passed me again and asked if I was okay. What else do you say but yea of course! I mean it might have been unplanned and a bit fast... but it sure was fun!!! needless to say there was a massive amount of jokes at my expense today about our little galloping adventure. Apparently JB and I won the Preakness today. we passed everyone on the track!!! I still stand by my comment. Jenn is lucky! He has a great gallop and an amazing personality.  However I think the best part was a small group of people happened to be there playing with their dogs asked me if I had done that on purpose!! I just smiled shook my head and said no. with a small laugh at this point. Once we got back to the barn I was busy with afternoon chores.  somehow in this madness my cell phone took a dive out of my pocket and into a water bucket.  I literally stared at the bucket and said REALLY?!??!?! after fishing it out and then taking it apart to let it dry. it still wasn't working. After I finished up and tucked the ponies in for the night I headed home and have been trying to blowdry my phone.  It hasn't worked yet, but heres to hoping it does! 

Hopefully tomorrow will be less exciting, the ponies will be just as perfect, and I will have a working phone!
More later.  

Sunday, January 24, 2010

fl take one!

So we have had an amazing week here in fl. There has been lots to see. I had my first gator sighting the other day and have decided that is enough of the wildlife sightings for me.  The farm we are staying at is simply gorgeous! we get to hack along the canals. (which are everywhere) it is great fun and a good way to meet other riders.  We enjoyed a night at the south Florida fair, where I learned about fair etiquette, which I didn't follow! Apparently it starts with a corn dog, then some BBQ (nobody beats a good ole NC BBQ sandwich.. with slaw of course!) and you finish with a cinnamon roll.  And of course you have to see the Pig races, the livestock expos and ride some rides! I started off with a gyro and some fried everything! followed by a funnel cake and a few bites of a cinnamon roll. I did ride some rides, I did regret the funnel cake at that point! and saw the pig races.. hilarious! I wanted to be a pig rooter. but apparently I didn't jump around and scream loud enough. o well. next year? and the live stock expos were awesome we saw rabbits, chickens, and baby cows! I cant wait for our return trip here next year! 

I am starting to realize how small the world is. The farm we are at has multiple barns, and we share an outdoor wash rack with a show jumper.  It turns out that one of her grooms use to work with a friend of mine at a jumper barn in NC.  Then today I went to lunch at Panera to write my english paper and I ran into another event rider! its just crazy. my world is getting smaller all the time! 

Im off to finish my paper that I am procrastinating! and some pool time! have to take advantage of the 80* pool while I can! 

Monday, January 18, 2010


So after the big move south to Aiken. Jenn and I headed south again with Mara's crew to WELLINGTON!!! it is amazing here. I feel like a kid in an candy store.  The farms are gorgeous, and the weather is perfect! We are stabled in what we refer to as little middleburg as there are 3 riders from Va at the same farm.  The horses are doing great and enjoying rolling in the sand and not having to wear so many blankets all the time! I can't wait to go to the WEF show and a polo match! I will keep you posted. more later. <3.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A new year. a new me!

2009 was a life changing year for me, I landed an amazing job at locochee farm. Which I love! more than anything really. I had some amazing opportunities with riding, and I might finally finish my Econ degree... soon. but at this point I am looking on to 2010. 

We just moved down to Aiken SC for the winter, and what an experience!!! The weather is warmer, and Sam is going to come down at the end of the month to compete! I will finally get to show off all of our hard work in the dressage arena... and the knowledge is unbelievable. I can't wait to take it all in. 

My goal for this year is to run sam at the T3Day in October. Hopefully 2010 will be our year!