Saturday, October 23, 2010

The hill that was fair.

Fairhill was an experience! Morris was a star finishing 12th in the 2 star.but i think thats getting ahead on the story a bit! On Thursday it decided to turn into a lovely rain filled day.(after all we were at fairhill and what would it be without a little rain!) In which I must admit to hiding in the barn for most of the day, we did make it out to walk the course. It was beautiful. But there certainly was a lot to do. The first fences were nice and straight forward and then wham! Fence 5 was the first water. And it didn't let up. The course was going to be hard to make the time and I was glad that morris is a xc machine. Thursday afternoon we all ventured out in the rain(with as many layers as possible on) to the dressage arenas. It's nice to be able to walk them around the outside of the ring before you add in the spectators judges and flapping tents in this case. Morris was super! even though he is very opposed to rain!

On Friday we had an early morning so that Valerie could preride then I could beautify and then go straight to the test! Morris is making huge improvements on the flat. Everytime he goes in the arena its better. There was a large gap between the two judges score and it would be a lie to say we were happy with the scores. But alas this is not a dressage show! Come saturday the score board was shaken up. The time was hard to make with very few clear rounds inside the time. Morris was one of them! Their round moved them into 12th. Morris looked awesome at all the jumps I was able to watch from the vet box. Those nine minutes seem to last forever when your waiting for your horse to come back! Morris was obviously unimpressed as he drug me back to the barn! Then as any groom will tell you the icing wrapping walking jogging begins. Morris had a crew of people helping to make sure he recovered as quickly as possible! ( many thanks to randy Dr ober and everyone else that gave a few minutes to morris!). Sadly come saturday night I was at a huge loss. Jenn Simmons had a fall on xc and as a result JB was put down. As most of you already know,I spent the past year working for jenn, and let me tell you it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Jenn is an amazing person with a huge heart who is always smiling, and willing to help anyone. She taught me to many things to list. and JB was perfect, it is a huge loss to the eventing community as he was a horse to watch out for in the future. JB changed my life to, he taught me how to let go of everything else. sounds a little crazy but there was something about JB that had that effect on you. I was luck enough to be at JBs three star debut and it was beautiful to watch. he and jenn had the kind of relationship that every rider wants with their horse. Please keep Jenn and Sharon in your thoughts!

Sunday morning is always tense back in the barns. And this was no different. when I first arrived all the lights were out and it was mildly entertaining to walk into the tent and see all the other grooms with their cells out as flashlights and then start braiding in the dark... after the lighting mystery was solved everyone was focused on the jogs! we did lighten the mood in our aisle with some friendly contests. Who has the most braids?? I won with 23 but I was the brunt of a few jokes! Not that I wasn't making some of them. I really did try to have less but got 23 every time this weekend (maybe thats the lucky number???). O well. Morris did look beautiful. So on to the jog! The ground jury set a very high standard and quite a few horses were sent to the hold. Morris was not one of them. Accepted! Those words never sounded better. Then it was a speedy tack change Valerie walking course and on for the pre ride. Valerie watched some rounds and then got on for her round. Morris was jumping great. Karen was there to make sure Valerie and morris switched into show jumping mode after yesterdays big xc course. Karen has a lot of good things to say and I was very happy with how everything was going. Morris and Valerie had one rail and were easily inside the time. The rail was unfortunate but fixable. We have some homework for the winter but that will have to wait as morris is on vacay for a bit and then will have a lite few weeks before the hard work and showing begins in February. He is also happy that won't be attacking him with soap (well atleast not everyday.) The young horses have a few more outings before the end of the season so be sure to check back.

I have attached some pics from the weekend. I hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In barns and jogs

Morris and I headed up to fair hill yesterday to do in barns. The day started with an early ride on Sam. He was perfect. He is one seriously fancy dressage pony. After giving him lots of cookies and telling him I would see him in a few days, I was off to kaleidscape. Morris decided to get extra dirty! Just because someone told him he wouldn't get to roll in mud for a few days! After some bathing we were off! Upon arriving after taking some awesome narrow back roads (thank you gps!) We headed over for our in barns. They looked over morris gave us the thumbs up and our number. 45 out of 60. I settled morris in and got straight to unloading. I don't think I have ever been more thankful that Vals trunk is on wheels! Morris enjoyed his meal while I organized the pile. After that shennagins morris and I took a walk around the other side of the road. He thought that the xc jumps in the middle of the dressage arena were more interesting than anything else! This morning Valerie met me at the barn to ride morris before the riders meeting. Morris settled right in! Then it was up to me to braid bathe and get him looking in top form for the jog. We headed over to the jog and thank goodness walked away with the only word you want to hear ACCEPTED! Shortly after I had to head back to Alexandria for an economics class. I will be back at fairhill bright and early tomorrow with more updates! Morris does dressage Friday morning. So tomorrow I can walk course and stalk the competition. It looks like a tough group but I know morris is ready for the challenge!