Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mud season...

This winter has been a strange one as far as mother nature is concerned. I have come to expect slipping and sliding into my drive way at night. On certain nights not being able to even make it up the road I live on. All of these things plus a below average temperature have made me realize that I love under armour, neck warmers, and toboggans... (proper clothing is essential for survival). so imagine my surprise when I checked the not always so smart, smart phone this morning and saw a high of 45*... Steamy I know. I was so excited to hear about something above 30. that I didn't think about all the rain/snow/sleet we have had around here. Needless to say I looked like a swamp creature post barn today, but I only had to wear a fleece!!! (so while I will not complain to much about the mud.. my apt would appreciate it if it weren't so muddy out!) so on to those ponies!

Mr. North just gets better every day! The left lead is not just something I dream about these days! Due to the non frozen ground situation. the horses even got to leave the indoor! (positively earth shattering.) Morris is looking FANTASTIC post holiday, and is so excited to get to run XC soon. He even started counting down the days until Pine Top. (Check out Mr. M's spring plan, we hope to see you there!)The ponies are all in the process of being primped for their trips down south. I think they are tired of seeing me with a pulling comb, or clippers in hand. (alas this is not something that they will stop seeing anytime soon!)

As with all thing migratory. The making of lists. packing. organizing. moving. shopping. lists. have all began at BCE and for me. I am getting almost freakishly good at packing my stuff, and all the horses. plus there stuff... during my last few free days here I have been exploring DC. enjoy the pics of something not horse related!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New year. new you? maybe.

I have been telling everyone. It's a new yr. you get to be a new you! I actually had very few resolutions this year. Come December I will share, for now I am going to make them a part of my everyday life, I even stuck to a few small things... well enough with new years resolutions.. on to exciting things.. like AIKEN!!! (and no I have not been counting down days or anything. it's 15 in case you were wondering)

With every winter comes many hours in the indoor, and then the packing, and then the migration. This year we have spent a large amount of time inside thanks to the snow, I am excited to get to Aiken and start up the spring show season. We have Morris entered at Pine Top II in Feb at Intermediate for his first run back. We are bringing 7 horses down with us. I for one am very excited to get to show North around down there. (and get him out of the indoor!) Which reminds me Mr. North is learning how to jump! I am extremely excited about the progress he has made in the 2 months I have had him. He is getting consitenet on the flat, he has even decided that he remembered how to canter on the left lead. Now he is trotting jumps. Baby horses are rewarding, now he can even trot 2 in a row. He will get to start going out schooling in Aiken and I hope to take him to some derbys and small shows.

While we have been stuck in the indoor we have been doing lots of jumping exercises to keep all the horses sharp! Baby Fred has been very entertaining in the snow. he loves eating it almost as much as he loves rolling in it. Mr. M even got to start jumping again. He wanted me to tell everyone that he would really just like to jump EVERY DAY! I told him that the circles were necessary. poor morris...

We have gotten a few new horses in for sale at Blue Clover Eventing. one is a young OTTB that I totally adore! If I had time for 2 I would grab him in a second. so check him out. We also have an adorable pony named giggles. She gets all the cute points and I even threatened North that he would be traded in (but then he magically remembered about that left lead!)

One thing I do promise to do this year is update more frequently and include pictures. and sometimes video.

Hopefully I will be seeing you down south. with a few less jackets on.