Saturday, September 15, 2012

so long summer...

This summer has flown by, I feel like I woke up and it is now the middle of the event season and my ponies are not going anywhere. I know it is a bit crazy to think that, but after my arm, a few knocks to my head, and some exciting fall plans,  I decided that while I could run Lena, since I was not aiming for a fall three day, it just didn't make that much sense.

Lena has been fantastic, we have been working hard on the dressage, and she continues to rise to the occasion.  Of course, we have been jumping and galloping as well, (if I don't she gets very redheaded... )  My good friend Marie captured some amazing video from our first serious jump school back post one star, and if I can ever get organized I will post it.  She is truly amazing, and makes up for all of my weaknesses.  I certainly will miss not seeing a cross country course between her ears, but believe me the reason is quite awesome... (more on that later)... Sadly I have decided that it is time to start marketing Lena, with all of my other commitments I don't have the time to keep her going.  Selling Lena is a tough decision, every day that I have her in my barn is special. She is the best cross country horse I have ever sat on and in 7 months we went from novice to preliminary.  I hope she can teach someone half as much as she has taught me.

Dakota is being ridden by one of my good friends.  It worked out perfectly because I have not been riding as much, and she was looking for a horse to have fun with for a few months.  It is always a plus when things work out so easily. They have been cleaning up at local shows.  He won 2 shows at Morningside on dressage scores in the 20's.  He is for sale as a low level eventer or foxhunter. Hopefully he will go out cubbing soon.  He is such a sweet horse, I am excited for someone to have a fun young horse to play with.

Ned has been hanging out and being a perfect baby.  He has been upgraded to nike's, has been to mara's for some lessons, and is a jumping bean (he is very much a noodle to ride, point him at a jump and he is straight as an arrow, guess I know what we need to work on).  Ned grew much more than I ever anticipated, I am starting to think he might  end up to tall, (since everyone knows I love the small horses!!).  He went to a local hunter show, and will hopefully make his first apperance in the OTTB class in October. He has his sights set on the YEH classes and some horse trials in the spring.

Since it is September, it must be time for me to acquire a new project horse. so without any more fluff,  I am excited to introduce Stormin Miki as the newest member of the LN Eventing team... She is a 3yr old that made 11 starts mostly at Charles Town, with one win and two shows.  I had the opportunity to ride her at the track, and am excited about her future. She will enjoy a few months of turn out before I start hacking her this winter. Hopefully she will do the 4yr YEH classes next year.

So since I had to save the best news for last, literally (not much can be more exciting than a new horse!!). I will be heading to France for 3 weeks in October.  It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will certainly fill everyone in on the details as it gets closer.  So while I am putting some things on hold state side I am positive that everyone can understand why.  A big thank you to everyone who is making it possible for me to go.

More later, but for now check out Miki working (with me up) and hanging out at her new digs.