Thursday, September 15, 2016

The fake boob stigma

There. I said it and it's a real thing. 

Growing up I loved the idea of getting breast implants. I wanted the perfect look, because I wanted to be a model or fit in?!. But let's be honest I am not tall enough, thin enough or pretty enough. And that is okay. As I got older. I loved myself most of the time. 

Later in my life that belief shifted. I dated this guy. Who instilled this belief in me that men HATED fake boobs, that they were a deal breaker so to speak. So I went from wanting them to being terrified of them. Fast forward to 2013 and I had my breast tissue removed and later reconstructed. So everything I have is fake. Literally. They feel pretty real. I think. Not that I have grabbed a lot of boobs for comparison. And my better half loves them. Sometimes I don't because honestly I miss mine, but fake boobs have perks. I have recently been embracing them. 

The perks. 

1. I never have to wear a bra. Like ever. They don't move or need to be lifted or padded. Plus they like to be free. So I have been enjoying wearing tops and dresses that maybe I wouldn't have worn before. 

2. They don't bounce when I work out.  Not wearing two sports bras is life changing. 

3. They are naturally perky!! Thank you pectoral muscles. 

4. They are both the same size and they don't change or get sore during my time of the month. 

The Cons. 

1. I have zero feeling. I can't appreciate them! Sometimes I get wired nerve sensations. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm not enough. But my better half always tells me otherwise. 

2.  I can't breast feed. Honestly this doesn't bother me because I would rather be alive to experience my potential kids lives. What annoys me about this is the individuals I see posting about how breast feeding is the gold standard and formula is terrible. Be real ladies. Some women don't have time, and some can't. So don't shame us. 

3. They aren't mine. I didn't think I was particularly attached to mine but it turns out I was. 

4. Not a con of the boobs. But some things that use to be easy aren't anymore. Think pulling a door open. Strength things that use to use your pecks and your core. 

Personally I love my fake not trying to kill me boobs. Most of the time. Sometimes I don't. And that's okay. But what's not okay is that there are plenty of individuals out there who make women feel like they are less than enough because they have fake boobs. 

I want to tell you. You are enough. You are beautiful. And your boobs are probably amazing too.