Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knocking off the dust...

Both literally and figuratively. The past two months have been a blast! When I haven't been traveling....bromont, Stuart, millbrook, surefire, south farms...I have been home exercising race horses and focusing on my ponies. (dont forget about truck shopping!) Found a sweet f250 that will be getting a hitch put in this week. Then LN eventing will be mobile! Watch out world.

Lena and I had a great first run together in the novice at waredaca. (We both hadn't been out in a yearish...) that didn't slow us down. I gave away a few points in the dressage, but I was very pleased with the test. Mara was there and it was extremely helpful to have her watchful eyes, and guidance (lena and I got some serious homework!) Then a quick change and off to show jumping, lena was a total star! It was as if neither of us had missed a beat. Whew double clear. Then off to xc. She walked down to the warm up and I think got about 5inches taller, she just took it all in stood patiently and was very happy to take the oxer out of a forward step, and go to the box.  I can say this with extreme confidence now, hands down lena is an xc machine, she didn't bat an eye at anything, got all the horse strides. We had an absolute blast! I did get a small speeding ticket for being 2seconds fast...whoops. I think my pace is a bit off these days. She finished 8th in a competitive division, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Lena is enjoying an easy week of hacking and working on that dressage homework.  next I'm off to richland and lena is headed to seneca.