Friday, December 31, 2010

The last day of 2010

It has been a long awaited last post... or something like that. since Fair hill it has all been a bit of a whirlwind, that isn't letting up. so before I run off to ride my horse for the last time this year, I will update for the last time.

After Fair Hill baby Fred had 2 shows, Waredaca and Rubicon. He was awesome at Waredaca. jumping around like a seasoned pro! Taking it all out of stride. check out the video- ... Rubicon was a fun weekend for me! One of my good friends invited me to the MC ball on friday. we took a vote and decided I should go. So after dragging my dad out dress shopping... which was all in good fun! and running about making sure everything was done early Friday so that I could drive down to Richmond in time to make it for the cocktail hour, the week was filled with good fun! Fred was a pro. he got to be a grown up pony with a hoodie and getting braids the day before! I met Valerie the next morning at Rubicon. After a late night there was a large amount of coffee drinking at way to early in the am. The ball was a lot like prom except all the guys had on the same uniform. Which can be a little odd. We ended up sitting next to a guy that lived in Grapevine. It makes me laugh when I meet people from that area around here! anyways back to Rubicon... Fred was awesome put in his best test to date! (24.. ) not to brag. and finished the day in 8th in a tough division.

Most of you know that around the same time as Rubicon, I sold Sam. It was a very happy and sad moment for me. He has a great new family and I am very excited to see what they can do in the future! I also acquired a new project. North Star. he is 5 and off the track... and... another chestnut with a white star... (I think I might have a serious problem with red heads!?!) He is an awesome young horse. I am very excited to see what he will be doing in a few months.

I have spent a few weekends traveling, a whirlwind 6 days in 4 states for thanksgiving! and then a relaxing weekend in LA. (thank goodness I got my in n out fix! ) and a weekend at home in atl for christmas with the rents.. Kind of funny to see the whole world shut down at the forecast of snow. Then coming home to it and not being able to drive up the road you live on! My car is not a fan of snow. scratch that... ice....

I finished up this semester. with a personal best GPA for juggling school horses and a social life. (and sometimes another job). As a final note, a big thank you to everyone who has helped this year. Some of you it was a word or a statement, some letting me study, and some helping me through all the adventures life has thrown at me. I am looking forward to a new year with many new adventures!

P.S. I attached some pics. dress shopping. fred in a hood. and what not. enjoy!