Saturday, February 13, 2010


So. my thoughts go about like this. I am in south carolina for a reason! I am opposed to snow. very opposed actually. So when i heard the forecast I was in denile. So when it started snowing while we were at Phillips I was not amused! to say the least. When we got back we hurried through the barn chores so that we could button down the hatches literally. We had one running at Pine Top so we decided to play the day by ear! which was a good plan! It started with ride times being pushed back. then possibly cancelled for the day. then finally a free for all starting at 3. yikes! while we were sorting all that out. we lost power at the barn. and since its on a well. We also don't have water. No dice. Luckily we had enough. and I caught some extra water off the roof. What a day! Jenn being awesome! let me crash at her house. so that I could shower and not sleep with 10000 layers on! That being said I want to send many thanks to Jenn and Courtney for letting me borrower their couch! I am very appreciative! We all went to a great Italian restauraunt, after I raided Jenns closet ( love her! ) (my clothes are all being washed and lets face it that means nothings happening there!) So after a day of snow. I am ready for some warmer weather! and the weather forecast might be in my favor. 50 and sunny.

heres to hoping. <3.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Full Gallop Farm HT!

So this week has been an interesting one! I had an incident that involved a pair of clippers and my horse.... he got about 3/4 of the way clipped when it became so dark. I literally could not see where I had and hadnt clipped. So I gave up. Sam looked terrible. poor guy. So the next night I borrowed these LED spotlights from Katie (who is a life saver) to finish clipping. It was quite hilarious. I literally had a light in one hand and my clippers in the other. Sam was perfect. just chilled in the cross ties with the insanely bright light for a bit. after the clipping fiasco. Jenn gave me the plan for today, which included me driving Sam to FGF. I have never driven the big rig and I am not going to lie the first time I drove the truck it kind of terrified me. So me being me was more nervous about driving then I was about riding. (maybe Jenn had some different motives here) So after getting everything set I was off. with Sam on the trailer. I loved it! The truck is a beast. It pulls great and was super easy to drive. (crisis averted.) After getting there I was off to the dressage arena. and wow! what a different horse I had. He was so perfect. I could not have asked for a better test. He is still a but inconsistent but it is getting there. He was super in SJ. we had a cheap rail. but I am not super worried about it. (I had only jumped him once since he got down here!) we scratched XC and headed home. His next outing is paradise and I could not be more excited! he is really going to impress the judges this spring! My parents drove over from GA and were super supportive! (considering the weather) it was great to see them! my dad got some video of sam sj which i will post soon!

Off to do more algebra HW!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The past few days have been a bit crazy! I have started online classes for the term, as I am attempting to get another glorified piece of paper! but as with all thing I like to have options. papers give me options. Sam arrived with a few kinks! I rode him today after giving him a few days to chill. Sam is such a joy to have around the barn. I think he enjoys watching his mother run around picking up his blankets and his halter off the ground as he continually puts them there when I am not giving him enough attention. He is convinced that I should have eyes only for him and tries to get me when Im with on of the other boys! Jenn and I went to go watch the training session for a bit over at PD and Boyds places. It was awesome! We watched Mara and Riot and Heidi and Farley. They are some amazing horse to watch! We didnt see any of the jumping, but hopefully we will catch some next time! It is always a good thing to watch the pros! they really know their stuff and its nice to know they have things to work on to!

We had some great wet weather here in Aiken, but atleast there was no snow!!! Snow is great right up until you have to work in it. Then not so much. so as with most days I was ever so happy to be here in the south for the winter.

Katie Robin and I had a small dinner party on thursday. We had a ton of people over and it was great to get to meet everyone. Of course I cooked up a storm with some help from the girls and ate tons of food! It was nice to get to show off some of my culinary skills for a change! instead of my horse related skills. I think were going to have another one soon. which will be fun. but hopefully we can talk about something not related to a horse !

Off to learn some more spanish.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back in SC

So we arrived back in Aiken yesterday. I think it was about 45*.  It is sad that I found that to be absolutely freezing!  After wearing shorts for 2 weeks it has been a bit hard to adjust back to jackets!. 

The last few days in fl were amazing! We went to the WEF and did some classes. The ponies were perfect, we missed the ice storm here, and I learned that I could not be a jumper groom.  I love having a ride time. It makes planning way easier. Its not hey classes starts at this time and we can go whenever until X time and o wait they are holding the class because of a conflict with x rider/trainer/owners time frame.  So while it was  fun. I give mad props to the grooms that deal with the ever changing days at the shows. 

My horse is coming tomorrow and our first show is Full Gallop on the 10th.  I can not wait! I have to memorize my dressage test and all that fun stuff, but I thought that I would just say thanks to all the people that have helped me get to this point. 

Peggy-for being my first ever trainer and getting me around my first ever event! 
Dana and Steph- for helping me find/buy Sam. my perfect pony! 
Ashley- for teaching me all the finer points of grooming, and teaching me to braid and helping me at Sams first event. 
Holly- who helped me realize to many things to list, and for giving me the opportunity to work for her. 
Jenn and Kate- for all of the opportunities, the job, helping me with sam, sam with me, all of the life advice, helping me stop being my worst enemy, giving me tools, and for a million other things that would take hours to list! 
My family- for always being supportive of my "horse" life style! 

and everyone else who has helped me along the way. I still have a long way to go, but I think it is important to appreciate the help you get at every stop on a journey! 

I am off to run errands and continue my education. and counting down the hours until Sam gets here tomorrow!