Saturday, October 13, 2012

Morven park adventures

Entering morven was a pretty last minute decision, since originally I was not going to even be in the country. After I found out I quickly entered the super pony in the training championships and called to set up some much needed lessons! Lena and I had two weeks to knock the dust off, and as per Lena she did not disappoint.

Lena was the last horse I rode on Friday around 7 and then got all dressed for the show so that I could swing by, grab her, gallop a few and still make it to morven on time (gotta love the 4am wake up call!).

I made it to morven and quickly switched outfits, I was slightly nervous as I planned on a very short warmup, she seems to stay more relaxed, but I was nervous about not doing enough. I shouldn't have been Lena was perfect. She was soft quiet and relaxed! Win!! I however had a bit of a moment, when I came down center line and turned someone started screaming stop, so I did, and as it turns out it wasn't the judge, so there was a moment of panic but then I pulled back out my game face... 2 movements later!! Poor Lena....

After walking around the course there was certainly plenty too do, and with it being our first run back since the one star I was curious to see how she would be. I think someone told her what was happening because there was an extra spring in her step.  Lena went out of the box on fire and literally was foot perfect the entire way, adding another double clear xc round.(that pony really knows how to put a smile on my face!)

After a quick turn around we were off to show jumping, and Jenn had a few minutes to watch us.  A big thank you as I was feeling quite nervous about the whole thing.  I'm not sure why since Lena was perfect.  I had one moment I would like to do over, I went a bit too much to the last line, Lena had it sorted though and I was proud of myself for not panicking!!

Overall Lena finished 10th out  of 30 in an extremely competitive division and I couldn't be more pleased!!! Letting Lena stretch her legs was just what I needed to refocus. I must admit I would not have survived the day without help from Angie (thanks a million times, you were a life saver!!) apparently one should find all of their show stuff before arriving, lesson learned.

Now the ponies are enjoying a quiet few weeks and I am headed to JFK to head to France!!! I promise to update while I'm there, and try not to hate me too much if I don't text back (those international texts are expensive after all.)

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